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Crafter CMS, is amazing for developers, easy for content editors, and fantastic for DevOps.

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Maria gabriela E.
Maria gabriela E.
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  • Publicado el 17/5/2018

"This program offers the construction of websites with speed and efficiency in a short time. I recomm"

Comentarios: As I could see, choosing the right content manager for your business is not an easy task, so I recommend that if you have doubts about it, always consult a specialized professional, as this advice can save you future headaches, resources and at worst of cases avoid damaging the image and credibility of your brand.

Puntos a favor: The use of a CMS can drastically accelerate the process of developing a website, gives people with little or no technical ability the ability to create, update or modify content, most CMS are developed to be easy to maintain and to update

Contras: Hidden implementation costs to perfect the system and adapt it to the needs of users: purchase of plugins, themes, etc; If users are averse to learning the basics of using a CMS, its use will not be as efficient. This means that it might be necessary to hire experienced staff or technical help. In the wrong hands, a non-updated CMS can do a lot of damage to a website and lead to serious security vulnerabilities.

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  • Publicado el 17/5/2018