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For organisations who want to manage ISO50001 and ESOS compliance. Data capture, aggregation, analysis tools, reports, visual displays

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Facilities Manager en RU
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Visualisation of electrical data on the Workplace Footprint Tracker for the last 4 years.

5,0 hace 7 años

Comentarios: This software clearly displays real-time data for each sub-meter, groups of meters or for the whole building in several ways (e.g.. hour, week, month or year). Perfect for identifying peaks and troughs in data, potentially identifying unusual behaviour and tracking progress. The analysis sections are great for reports (graphs, raw data etc) and allows comparisons over time.
For our behavioural change campaign, we could quantify the results on a 'league table' for everyone to see their progress. For energy saving projects we can quantify the savings and the project tools allows all the project information to be kept in one place, providing accumulated savings and payback periods. There are many features on the WFT, all of which are very easy to use and clearly presented. Building Sustainability Ltd. have supported us well both via an electronic reporting system and in person. The WFT has been and is a valuable asset to energy management.

Associate Director en RU
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International Law firms benefits to the tune of 41% energy demand reduction

5,0 hace 7 años

Comentarios: Over a period of four years my client, an international London City based law firm with 800 fee earners, has benefited by a reduction in energy of 41% to date. We used the tracker for base-load analysis, project business case development and tracking of savings. In the monthly energy reviews I used the advance reporting tools to present progress to my client. Original energy spend was circa £1.3M per annum now reduced to circa £0.85M per annum.

Sustainability Manager en RU
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A very reliable tool for energy metering, display and management

4,0 hace 7 años

Comentarios: We have been working with Building Sustainability Ltd (BSL) close to five years. The decision to use the metering product and services and work with BSL were chosen for several reasons: The company:
- A strong track record of providing metering services to other large corporates and organizations,
- A proactive and responsive customers services,
- A real and continued interest in seeing their product save us energy and money
The product:
- A useful and user friendly data platform
- A suite of useful reporting tools
- A tool for identifying savings and meeting advanced energy management needs (e.g. ISO 50001)
Five years on, BSL continue to serve us extremely well. Our metering needs have changed some what and BSL have listened and continue to help us to solve our metering requirements, with such needs as: - Energy threshold alerting
- PUE calculations of our server rooms
In 2013, Bilfinger GVA's energy management system was accredited to ISO 50001, an achievement which BSL and their tools/services were integral to achieving. BSL have a very friendly and flexible approach to business and have always been very responsive to our requirements. They regularly stay in touch and offer a very personalized service.

Respuesta de Building Sustainability

hace 7 años

GVA are a property services firm that are leading by example. ISO 50001 accreditation shows the whole firm is engaged in energy management.